One-day Workshop

A solid starting point & good time

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This one-day workshop is designed for busy business owners who struggle to find time.

We quickly assess your situation, hone in on a focus area, and then personalize the one-day workshop for you and your team.

Martha got me to articulate my strengths in ways that were both really surprising, and that felt true and super grounded. I came away with a totally new respect for my work and what I’d accomplished... She kept me on track, asked hard question in a non-threatening way, and stood up to me FOR me when I was trying to play small.
— Lise Brenner, multi-disciplinarian artist

What does the full day workshop include:

  • 1 hour preparation; send us all your stuff!  As an experienced Ideator, Strategist, Brand & Media makers, we do a preliminary review of materials + after speaking we’ll make sure to pull any relevant materials so we can get to work when we see each other.

  • 30 minute preparation client preparation call where we hear from you about where you think we need to focus.

  • 8 hour in person, one-on-one workshop where we dig into the determined areas of focus. Don’t worry, we will take all the appropriate breaks and we will provide lunch.

  • 1 hour integration call, it’s likely you’ll have a treasure chest of insight and things to do after our workshop. In this integration call, we will address this and get you set up to sail into whatever direction you need to go.

But what will we focus on?

You will meet with the founder or one our senior team members to focus on any of the offerings under Ideation, Branding, Strategy or Media. For example: We could work clarifying your visual style or building a plan for marketing, or ideating around your product, or developing a solid plan for a video shoot with a team and concept and sometimes this could also look like getting you ready to make a sea change in the organization. This all depends on your need and our assessment.

What’s nice about a one-day workshop is that if forces you to focus and make clear strong decisions.

You will be a left with homework to begin to implement and receive a follow up call to make sure you are moving along.