Martha Williams; Idea Machine & Media Magician


Martha Williams is an award-winning film writer/director, choreographer/multimedia artist and long time change maker & culture shifter. As a dance theater/multimedia artist she’s been on the stages of The Flea, the Joyce Soho, Chashama, the Chelsea Art Museum and had residencies with the Field and awarded the Meet the Composer grant with Hayward. Also as a performer, she acted with Spike Lee and was in the Bessie Award winning Descent by Noemie Lafrance and grace the pages of Dance Magazine with her project in the Christo Gates. While she was developing her practice as a movement, theater and multimedia artist, Martha was also a student of anthropology (B.A. GWU), sustainability activist & culture shifter in the making.  In fact she formed the NY Alliance for Sustainability with a cadre of cohorts and even co-produced the Interdependent Film Festival. She was involved in SVN, on the board of Pop Sustainability & involved in the Small Planet Fund.  She moved into the world of film in 2009, earned her MFA at CalArts and has been working as a freelance writer/director/creative director and consultant since, with NeuroLeadership, Intel, Connoisseurs and more.  She was also the founder and director of the BugHouse Spin, a storytelling show at KGB Bar for 2 years. She’s won writing awards at London Film Festival and Indie Boom. Her latest work, a comedy about online dating called Run for Your Life, has 6 million views on YouTube and 20,000 subscribers and won the award for Best New York Series by NYWIFT at the New York Television Festival.

John Scilipote; Quiet Genius, Wordsmith & Technology Guru


As a 30-year technology veteran, John has helped businesses and individuals move their visions forward by finding the poetic hum made when technology, creativity and human ingenuity all come together.

As a musician, yogi, poet, he’s accustomed to building systems of sound, notes, words, phrases, movement, and breath – constantly intrigued by how all elements dance together to make things of beauty.

He’s worked across numerous arenas as an entrepreneur, artist, consultant, advisor, producer, inventor, writer, creative, in a wide array of capacities. He’s toured with bands, run companies, produced live events, designed and engineered vast digital app systems, developed software & entertainment products, orchestrated mergers & acquisitions, marketed, branded, designed, focus-grouped, pulled lots of all-nighters and in the process, learned a few things.

It’s about energy, awareness, light, people, process, and poetry.

Tupelo Productions; Production Powerhouses


Tupelo Productions is an award-winning production company that makes commercials, PSAs, narratives and documentaries. We can make you snazzy images that wow with a great edit - this is easy. So what makes us stand apart from a thousand other production companies? We care about the archetype that fuels your piece. This archetype is present withing all of us just waiting to come out. It's the skillful arrangement of ideas, visuals and sounds that lead the viewer on a journey that lets them connect with your story. This is NOT about the story, as some other companies might tell you, rather it's about using the story to form the connection between your message and the audience. The clarity of that knowledge is what stands us apart from others who deliver empty slogans devoid of any depth.

Franklin; Disruptor, Ball hunter & Prince of cuteness


We include Franklin because we often forget the natural world around us as contributors to health & happiness. Why do we keep our families separate from our business when they are so integral?

That said, we also include Franklin because he is a MAJOR DISRUPTOR! He will throw out a big-dog-sized-bark just when you are almost asleep. He will nip at people who are “weird” to him. He will not “chill” by your side while you drink your coffee at a cafe. He will tear down a bookshelf just to get at a lost ball (if anyone has a ball hunting job for him, please email us).

Disruption is a reminder that as much as we envision wonderful perfection, everyday life is full of overwhelming feeling, desire, missteps, mistakes, barking, cowering, lunging, begging and hopefully belly rubs, eye-gazing, laughing, love, cuteness and exceptional outfits (see above).