You know your product but do you know your story?

“I basically came to BugHouse with a loose idea and left with a full brand direction. I consider Martha almost like the 6th member of the band and wouldn’t be where I am without her.”
— RJ Rabin, Founder of Freckle Legend

We start with story.

> STORY CORE. Your story starts with your motivation, your raise d’etre, your oo la la. It’s the innate part of you and the business, the thing you take for granted, that you may not even see, your passion, your greater good goals. Culture Shift Agency takes the thread of your motivation seriously because that will make up the fabric of your brand. We call this thread, your STORY CORE.

Then we can build a unique, authentic, clear brand.

These are the things we could work on:

> MISSION. Mission is the concise expression of your company’s unique gifts and desires. if you don’t know what your goals as an organization or if that goal is too scattered or vague, how can you know your brand and brand strategy? Let’s focus your mission so it can serve your brand.

> VISUAL STYLE. Visual style helps you to clarify your brand, developing a style that’s succinct, consistent and in alignment with your unique offering. By defining this style, you can more easily develop your cohesive, clear brand.

> MESSAGING. Clear, succinct, memorable messaging across every part of your brand is essential to connect with your audience. And, just like visual style, once your messaging is clarified, so many other things just fall into place.

> STYLE GUIDE. A style guide creates cohesion so you can gauge all creative assets as you move though the growth of your company. A cohesive, consistent style is essential for building brand awareness.

> WEBSITE DESIGN & REJUVINATION. At the heart of every brand is a website. Work with our experienced design team to revamp.