We help you navigate video creation so you can…

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With an award winning team of collaborators, we help you make quality content creation because that what is essential for the success of most businesses today.

In my fourteen years with the Festival, I’ve assessed thousands of projects, and few have stuck with me the way her short series did… Bold, outrageous, and laugh-out-loud funny.... “
— Erin Day, New York TV Festival Director
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You are ready for Media Consulting with Culture Shift Agency if…


> You have a great script or footage for a culture shift project, and stuck in some aspect of the production, like filming or editing.

> You have a culture shifting media idea, a promotional video, sketch, film, docu-series, social media video, educational video but need to fine tune it through expert script writing or creative direction.

> Your script and/or footage aren’t so great. Then what?

> You are a culture shift company and want to take your video production in house, but don’t know how.

> You have a great video product but need help pitching it to the right people.


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Here’s some of what we offer:

> 360 thinking; longterm vision and strategy from inception to distribution

> Content Strategy

> Script feedback

> Production strategy

> Production planning

> Hiring the best team

> Pre-production guide: storyboarding, troubleshooting, casting, locations

> Post-production guide: edit, sound, color

> Distribution consulting

> Marketing consulting