SpinShift Podcast: Spinning stories of those shifting culture as we know it

Scheduled to launch September 14, 2019

SpinShift is a new 40 min podcast hosted by Martha Williams, founder of BugHouse Media/A Culture Shift Agency.  Williams is fascinated by those moments in awareness where culture shifts for the better and, more than that, passionate about consciously creating these shifts. 

Her agency offers ideation, branding, strategy and media services to businesses, artists and people who are making shift happen. Martha also likes dancing in the street, discovering vintage gems and making stuff.


To share the stories of people who are defying the status quo for the sake of creating a better world. To inspire listeners to be critical, engaged and creative with their lives and work.  To further the intellectual understanding of systems, their limitations, and their malleable nature.

Form & feel

SpinShift is show structured through the interview, emphasized with storytelling and is fun, engaging and intellectual.

The structure


  • Tell us about you and your project in a couple of sentences.

The beginning

  • Tell us the story about how you came to your culture-shifting project.  

  • What were you grappling with, what were the discontents and obstacles you were dealing with that made you want to start your project or business? 

  • What was the perfect storm where you decided to actually take action?  

The middle

  • What are the cultural challenges of your project?

  • What are the economic challenges?

  • What are the personal challenges?  

  • What have you discovered along the way?

  • What has surprised you?

What’s next?

    • What’s happening culturally in your area of interest that we should be on the lookout for? 

  • What is your vision for your project, business or idea?

  • What’s an even bigger vision?

    • Do you have anything coming up we should know about?

Advice or last words?

  • Do you have any advice for those who have similarly big ideas, projects or businesses?

Get involved

  • How can people get in touch with you, get involved or support the project?


  • Let’s do a 15 min call to answer any questions and just simply connect before the scheduled podcast.

  • Podcasts interviews will take place at the YouTube Studio in the Chelsea market.

  • It is difficult to schedule and reschedule at YouTube, so I ask you to be on time and to not reschedule.

  • Please send several high-resolution photographs, a bio and description of your project,  so we can post it on the website by the interview date.

  • Please send us your social media handles so we can share your genius with our listeners.