You have great ideas and a solid brand but….

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To truly deliver on your culture shift mission, you need an equally feasible and CREATIVE strategy.

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Strategy is the difference between a great idea and a great idea with a solid plan.

It’s the mechanics of “how is this going to catch fire?”

It is the how and the implementation.

Businesses who are ready to implement.

Who have worked with Culture Shift Agency on ideating, branding or media

Or come to Culture Shift Agency with clear direction & branding and ideas and are ready to “do.”

Martha’s creative thinking helped shape the company branding and refined our solutions so they each had a meaningful story and impact. In addition to her creativity and branding genius, Martha continually amazed me with her ability to quickly grasp the concepts of the company, research the competitive landscape and come back with thoughtful compelling feedback and new ideas. She never missed a deadline or deliverable and held me accountable to the same standards - which at times was very much appreciated! I would highly recommend her for any project that requires someone who can easily flex between corporate and creative and will continue to partner with her as my company progresses.
— Tammy Alvarez, Coral Consulting
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Since all of our processes are a mix of creativity and structure, we dive into your goals wherever it seems appropriate at the time and relative to what other services we are rendering for you.

> EVALUATE. One of the first steps in developing strategy is taking stock of the cultural landscape, digging into the nooks and crannies of the zeitgeist and investigating hunches.

> MAKE CONNECTIONS. During the evaluation process, connections start to naturally form and by digging even further, better, more interesting connections appear.

> IDEAS. Here we are with ideas again. By evaluating and making connections, strategy ideas emerge that need to be articulated and vetted.

> TEST. Before we move forward, sometimes testing is helpful and sometimes even essential.

> PLAN. In this part of the process we will work closely with you and your team to roll out a manageable plan.

> DELIVER. Depending on the strategic plan, Culture Shift Agency or client will implement.