What is BugHouse’s Brand of Strategy & Consulting?

BugHouse consults on video content at all phases, brand and marketing strategy, product development, and executive coaching & leadership products and curriculum.

We are an efficient consultancy derived from true art-making perspective and grounded in expert listening. We are responsive to your brand and ethos and either fly solo or in tandem by bringing in other artists, thinkers, and innovators as needed. This means we have an interdisciplinary approach by design. And it must be noted, we are cuddly, not corporate.

Martha’s creative thinking helped shape the company branding and refined our solutions so they each had a meaningful story and impact. In addition to her creativity and branding genius, Martha continually amazed me with her ability to quickly grasp the concepts of the company, research the competitive landscape and come back with thoughtful compelling feedback and new ideas. She never missed a deadline or deliverable and held me accountable to the same standards - which at times was very much appreciated! I would highly recommend her for any project that requires someone who can easily flex between corporate and creative and will continue to partner with her as my company progresses.
— Tammy Alvarez, Founder Coral Consulting

What is the BugHouse Consulting process?

What do you need? We are here for YOU, with our creative spin tops, when you need it….to unlock a new product, new technology, piece of content, new brand direction or a stagnant culture. We help you think clearly about where you are, who you are and where you are going?

But how? With our dynamic approach, we think in both straight lines and in curly cues, weaving solutions that both make sense and surprise while breaking molds cut from stale ways of thinking.

What’s that like? Giving you outside-gazing, perspective-shifting, eye-opening opinions is messy, fun, passionate and sometimes uncomfortable but just what you need to break through.

What do we offer?

Creative co-leading

We’ll work with your existing issue, whether one-on-one, with an existing creative team or outside agency to offer up new creative fodder to help you unlock new ideas and directions.

Creative a-la-carte

Perhaps we discover you need a branded video, 30 second ad or a social media injection. We can advise or even execute this (see Content Creation).

Star sessions

Maybe you are rolling out a bigger initiative that needs a deeper understanding of cultural context. Or perhaps you want to invoke a new revolutionary project that rubs up against normal lines of business. Or perhaps simply you need a bigger brainstorm with a diverse group of folks. In these cases, we gather together experts and thinkers together to dive into new territory and assessment in either day long or multi-day meetings.