Branded video for Berenik Boutique & Talent House

BugHouse Media presents
Berenik Boutique | Talent House
Branded Video

We're thrilled that BugHouse had the opportunity to collaborate with friend, designer, visionary Veronika Brusa on this branded video for her new venture Berenik Boutique & Talent House (check it out!).  And double thanks to the performers and crew who's hard work and *talent* made it come alive.

Check out the video HERE and share widely!

Director, Choreographer, Editor: Martha Williams
Concept: Martha Williams & Veronika Brusa
Cinematography: Nadia Anderson, Victoria Sendra
Performance: Amanda Castro, Tamrin Goldberg, Brian Henry, Pascal Rekoert, Kathatina Burua
Clothing/Styling: Berenik
Production Coordinator: Rachel Werbel
Hair/Makeup: Cheyenne Temperio & April Zahrani


BERENIK is opening a big RETAIL STORE w/ WORKSPACES in SOHO New York!

With SHOP IN SHOP UNITS for Designers/Brands
And WORKSPACES for Creators
Here for more info