Mom, Dad, we’ve changed our name to Culture Shift Agency.

I know you named us BugHouse after your friend Jay House, and as homage to the madhouse (bughouse) of ideas pouring in…but it is time for a shift, a culture shift.

Here’s why.


You know that moment at a cocktail party when someone asks, “What do you do?”

It should be simple: “I’m a filmmaker and run BugHouse Media.”  But it’s actually a heart-racing question and I want to respond: “What do you mean “DO?” “What a ridiculous question, “DO?!”  

I make films, I make dances, I write, I edit, I produce, I moderate, I host; I’m an activist, I’m a consultant, I’m a philosopher, I’m an idea machine; I’m hungry to make change, to connect, to question, to move, to make, to love, to laugh!?” I’m all these things.  This is why filmmaker/BugHouse Media feels like too tight of a box. 

Recently, I’ve been re-introduced to a progressive community of B-corp friends, the Social Venture Circle, communities grappling with the male-female dynamic, and shamanic women’s work.  I’m essentially circling back to my roots: systems thinking, sustainability and social impact and now the name BugHouse “MEDIA” doesn’t feel quite right.

For those of you who have known me a long time, you know I spent my early days as a sustainability activist (before people knew what it was).  I worked with Pop Sustainability, the Alliance for Sustainability, the small planet fund and was involved in the Social Venture Network. I was also a life coach (also, before people knew what that was).  I was even a Poly Sci major! I wanted to go into politics so I could ...change the world!! I even interned on the Hill. But there I saw complacency and very bad fashion, which didn’t bode well for my colorful palette.  I quickly understood that Poly Sci’s divide and conquer perspective was not going to change the world. That’s when I switched my major to anthropology, where the thinking was round, full-bodied and inclusive. At the ripe age of 20, I instinctively understood that whole systems thinking was healthier, kinder, and smarter.

And let’s be honest, the whole time I’m working for a “better world” I also began to dance professionally.  Why? Because I also have a boundless need for radical fun (i.e. Run for Your Life, plus countless funny dances). This is when the maker in me that took over; first with choreography and then film.  And that’s what I’ve been doing since 2007.

As I return to my philosophical home, I also return to my desire to help evolve our societal thinking, to reduce poverty, racism, discrimination and environmental degradation. 

Now that I’m back, my creativity has brewed into a firestorm of inspired vision and I recently woke up to several business and book ideas, not film ideas, not multi-media projects, but businesses and books.

To be honest, when this happened…I was angry.  I was angry at the idea gods! No really! I mean how am I going to keep doing BugHouse Media if I’m doing all this other stuff?  How? I thought I’m a filmmaker! I thought I was a writer and director. 

Shoot me with a banana!  Immediately!

I wanted the ideas to stop.  I wanted it done. I wanted a simple life.  Give me a cow to milk and some hair to brush!  That’s it! Then I remembered I don’t even like milk and my hair doesn’t look good brushed out.

That’s when I realized it wasn't the ideas that were the problem, it was the container. 

I’m an idea machine trying to fit inside “BugHouse Media” which, ladies and gentlemen, isn’t big enough.  

What if we used our skills in ideation, branding, strategy and media to help great ideas to become big ideas with big impact? What if we shepherded in big ideas? And what if we focused our energy on cultivating the ground where positive culture shift is possible? 

What if we were Culture Shift Agency?

Now that seems worthwhile (and fun).

In many ways, our real world experience is what will make it happen. We will still be mapping out digital strategy plans and storyboarding for video shoots and testing out designs for branding.  But our passion for culture shift will keep us focused on ideation and most importantly, helping your great idea into a big idea.

So, welcome and…



Oh wait actually



The end is the same as the beginning.

And forever thank you.

Will this ever end?