1/3 of the way there: Run for Your Life Crowdfunding UPDATE

We are so grateful for the love, support and funds that are making Run for Your Life come to life thus far.  As a third of the way into the campaign, we are happy to report that:

We have 42 backers and have raised a total of $1,853.00!

It's is stunning how people not only reached out with their financial backing but also, with their creative thinking to help us find ways to spread the word.

This is important because it's not only funds that we need, we need a crowd.  Get it CROWDfunding.

As a result, we've made good progress getting the project out there in social media and working to connect with thought leaders and cultural influencers.  This will ultimately become important as we promote the final product.

Run for Your Life now has a Facebook page, and also a twitter account and I am now more regularly on instagram, twitter and facebook.

Even so, we still need lots of support, so if you think you'll give...now is the time!

And we have lots of fun incentives like: a mindfulness mediation led by the Rev. Lainie Love Dalby revolving around a RAISIN, personalized photos, running gifs, haikus, a video of me singing Running up That Hill, a storytelling show IN YOUR HOUSE or the opportunity to be an Executive Producer. 

Here's some of the incentives in action:

$10 and up incentive: personalized Run for Your Life thank you

$10 and up incentive: personalized Run for Your Life thank you

$100 and up incentive: personalized haiku

$100 and up incentive: personalized haiku